> ten days in aught four

how do you tell your insurance agent you hit a jack
not much room for mistakes
i believe we're out of the prairie
who wouldn't gas up at gay johnson's
shotgun scenery
goose island
pop the top and enjoy the view
coffee tastes great with a sunrise
that's one big beetle
always, the moon in the sky
red planet
it is such a good van it has a halo
casting shadows
this is the wood that threw the shadow
at first glance, a big beautiful formation
perfectly balanced
there's a little strip of shade right here
Kaibab CampeRVillage
vanna goes to the grand canyon
same photo, sans hand
cindy's fantastic art shot
on a clear day
hello deer, how was your day?
lookin' hot out there
lured by the sound of a power bar wrapper
again, spitting in the wind
what a great campsite
this is why god gave us coffee
grand canyon north rim
yeah, trees just grow outta rocks here
wait a minute
cindy takes the art shots
the tunnels of zion
nearly an inspirational album cover
why not wyoming!
grand tetons
we're on a road to nowhere
Lewis Lake
cascading kepler cascades
say, isn't this site supposed to have a van in it somewhere?
what's the story morning glory?
you know those flocked trees are the last on the lot
smoke on the water
be glad this is not scratch-n-sniff
puff the magic geyser
yeah, that's old faithful
look, mammals!
the grand canyon of yellowstone
the waterfall of the grand canyon of yellowstone
look in the sky